fish oil supplement

Did You Know?

It is best to store your fish oil supplements in the refrigerator.

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements contain high levels of omega-three fatty acids in an easy to swallow capsule often made from gelatin. The gelatin dissolves easily in your stomach saving you from having to taste the fish oil as you take it. Many people find that a fishy taste comes from the oil, so fish oil in capsule forms are the most popular options.

Herring, anchovies, sardines, salmon, sprat, and mackerel are used in most fish oil supplements. The skin and fatty tissue of the stomach are steamed and then the oil is extracted and filtered. The quantities of mercury and other contaminants that might exist are removed during the filtering process, so no one needs worry about these toxins when taking fish oil supplements.

Longer Lasting Supplements

It is best to store your fish oil supplements in the refrigerator. This keeps the oil from turning rancid and also ensures it is stored in a dark place. Storage is essential to the longevity of your fish oil supplements. Improper storage only guarantees that you will be tossing your jar of pills before they are used up.

Keep an eye on the expiration date printed somewhere on the bottle of fish oil supplements. This date is important because fish oil will turn rancid, even with proper storage, after a certain amount of time. Fish is often very delicate and can only stay fresh for so long.

Fish Oil Pills are NOT High in Calories

Despite what some people think, fish oil pills are not high in calories and they are not fattening. Most pills contain less than twenty calories. There will be fat found within because it is fish oil, but the oils are rich in Omega-three fatty acids and help raise "good" cholesterol levels while lowering the "bad" levels. They are also rich in EPA and DHA, two acids that help promote healthy veins and cells. Omega-three fatty acids have been proven to improve blood pressure, memory retention, and cholesterol levels.

People who eat fish regularly should still take fish oil supplements. Often, the fish people enjoy (haddock, cod, pollock, etc.) contain minimal amounts of omega-three fatty acids. Salmon, shark, swordfish, and tuna are better choices, but only salmon is safe from mercury. Because the bulk of the omega-three is found in the skin and belly fat, the chances are high that people are avoiding these sections. Few fish stores actually sell whole fish, they are usually filleted. Additionally, to get enough fish oil to boost omega-three fatty acid levels, people would be eating pounds a day and then mercury, PCBs, and other dioxins become a very real risk.

There are some veterinarians who suggest giving fish oil to cats and dogs. It helps keep their .

Fish oil supplements are a necessary supplement for those who want to improve their mental health, heart health, and even vision. With the availability of quality pills, there are few people who truly have an excuse to not take them. Only people with severe seafood allergies or those who are taking anti-coagulants should avoid them. Everyone else should invest in fish oil supplements today!