fish oil weight loss

Did You Know?

Recent studies show that fish oil can help with weight loss.

Fish Oil and Weight Loss

The International Journal of Obesity made a startling discovery a few years ago, bodies that have high levels of fish oils burn fat faster than those who do not eat fish or take fish oil supplements. This study led researchers to wonder if there are more benefits to fish oil than previously believed.

The study group of a few dozen people was split into two. One group took a total of eight fish oil capsules per day while the other group avoided them. However, the diets were virtual duplicates otherwise. After three weeks the men and women who took fish oil pills had lost approximately two pounds. Those not taking fish oil pills were only seven-tenths of a pound lighter in most cases.

4 Pounds Lost!

With this study, researchers began to realize that fish oil might be an important part in helping obese adults lose weight and promote healthier cholesterol levels. More studies were yet to be completed.

In Australia, a group of obese men and women were split into four separate study groups. One group was given daily fish oil supplements and told to walk for forty-five minutes three times a week. The second group used sunflower oil and were told to also walk for forty-five minutes per week. The third group was given fish oil supplements and told not to exercise at all. Finally, the fourth group was given the sunflower oil and told not to exercise. After three months, the results were shocking. Only the group that was taking fish oil supplements and exercising lost weight (approximately four to four and a half pounds per person).

Why Not Just Eat fish?

It may seem strange that a simple pill can help with weight loss, but the answer seems clear. Those who were taking fish oil pills had much lower insulin levels. Because insulin is known to help burn body fat for energy while also turning the foods people eat into fat, it makes sense that the body fat levels will have decreased. The insulin levels are lower, therefore the fat cannot build up as quickly. Those with higher levels of insulin will store more carbohydrates as fat. Researchers also believe that the omega-three oils found in fish oil supplements help improve blood flow to muscle tissue, which in turn increases fat burning abilities throughout the body.

While some may be wondering "why not just eat fish?" the answer is clear. In today's world, the mercury content in fish is rising rapidly. Pollutants in our oceans, lakes, streams, and other bodies of water are causing both ocean fish and fresh water fish to become dangerous to eat. Experts are telling us to avoid eating large fish such as tuna, mako, and mahi mahi. The process used to make fish oil pills involves filtering and extracting the oil from fish liver's that do not contain mercury. For this reason, fish oil supplements become a safe way to help with our overall health.

Those looking to lose weight and feel better about their health need to start adding fish oil supplements to their daily vitamin routine. Fish oil pills have no fishy taste, they are easy to take with any beverage, and they are extremely inexpensive compared to the cost of fish today.