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Did You Know?

Many of the memory loss episodes that seniors face may be reduced or even eliminated with Omega 3

Does Omega 3 Improve your Memory?

Omega 3 fatty acids offer numerous benefits to those who take the oil supplements. Whether a person takes them for heart health, skin health, or other impressive reasons, researchers are certain that Omega 3 fatty acid supplements are one of the best ways to protect the body from lasting damage. For years there have been studies to determine if eating fish can actually help repair damage to the cells in the brain. It looks like this belief is true and not just an old wives' tale.

There are three acids that make up Omega 3, ALA (a-linolenic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). Together, these three acids help repair or reduce damage to the cells within the body preventing or lessening damage from a host of troublesome health issues.

They also help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. One of the benefits that is now being investigated is the effects of Omega 3 supplements on a person's memory. The results are quite remarkable.

Omega 3 Reduces Memory Loss

For years, scientists have been studying a link between inflamed cells in the brain and Alzheimer's disease. By investigating the use of products that reduce inflammation, there is evidence that that alone is enough to slow the destruction that Alzheimer's causes. The acids in Omega 3 supplements contain properties that act as anti-inflammatories. By keeping the brain cells from swelling, it appears that memory loss is reduced in the majority of the study groups.

Omega 3 Helps Repair Cellular Damage

One thing that researchers found is that not only do the Omega 3 supplements seem to help reduce inflammation in cells and joints, but they also seem to help the body start producing the anti-inflammatory acids within the body. As a person ages, their ability to produce the acids that keep inflammation at bay seems to reduce. If Omega 3 truly can help restart the production of these anti-inflammatory acids, many of the memory loss episodes that seniors face may be reduced or even eliminated.

Omega 3 supplements can be made from many items, but it is the fish oil supplements (tuna, mackerel, salmon, anchovies, and sardines usually) that are proven to help repair cellular damage and reduce inflammation. Those who want to take Omega-3 supplements for their memory should look at fish oil as the only reasonable source of Omega-3. Flax seed is high in Omega-3, but only animal fats seem to have lasting effects on a person's brain health.

Taking Omega 3 fatty acid supplements takes only seconds from one's day and they have no taste. Fish oil supplements are best. They seem to offer the majority of the benefits for one's health. Look for fish oil supplements that are filtered to remove mercury and other toxins. While the majority of the companies out there filter the fish oil automatically, there are a few foreign brands that skip this necessary process to save money and because they are not legally required to do so yet. Any reputable company puts a seal on their pills signaling that they are mercury and contaminant free.