omega 3 supplements

Did You Know?

Omega-three supplements are safe for any man or woman and even teenagers can safely benefit from these supplements.

Omega 3 Supplements

A few years ago, researches announced that Eskimos were among the healthiest people in the world. The belief is that the Eskimos eat a lot of whale and seal meat. These marine mammals seem to have exceedingly high levels of omega-three fatty acids in their body. Because Eskimos are eating these creatures, they are benefiting from the high levels of omega-three leading to longer lives and superior health.

For this reason, some manufacturers of omega-three supplements are now turning their attention to extracting the oils from harp seals, found along the northern areas of the Atlantic Ocean. While the Eskimos eat the seal meat, the skin and blubber provide ample amounts of omega-three fatty acids. Canada and the United States have both approved the use of the seal oil to create beneficial health supplements.

Omega 3 Supplements Help Battle Infection

Omega 3 supplements are useful because they help the body maintain the circulation of bad materials out of cells ensuring cellular health. They also help the body create prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are hormones that help keep the body functioning normally. Prostaglandins help battle infection, inflammation, pain, and swelling. They also help promote better nerve health, heart function, digestive function, blood clotting, kidney health, and fluid balances.

Omega Three Fatty Acids are Crucial to Excellent Health

Studies have proven that omega-three supplements taken regularly can promote normal cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure readings, protect the heart, reduce the risk of stroke, help maintain blood sugar levels (diabetes), alleviate the painful effects of arthritis and menstrual cramps, help the skin heal from burns, increase weight loss, improve those in the throes of depression, manic depression, and ADHD, protect against osteoporosis, reduce the painful symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, lessen the occurrence of polyps in the colon, help reduce the risk for other kinds of cancer, and help prevent macular degeneration. There are many benefits involved, so adults should not overlook these supplements.

There is no doubt that omega-three fatty acids are crucial to excellent health, but few people can eat enough of the right parts of fish in order to gain the essential benefits. Additionally, many people are scared to eat fish because of the heightened risk of mercury poisoning. There is startling evidence that some of the most popular fishes (swordfish, tuna, mahi mahi, and shark) contain high amounts of mercury. The body cannot flush mercury out of the system, so it is critical that people limit their intake of these fish. Rather than limit their intake, many people have given up eating these fish completely to be safe. This is why doctors are recommending all adults ensure they are getting three grams of fish oil or omega-three oil supplements every day.

Omega 3 fatty acid supplements are processed under strict government guidelines. The oil is extracted from the oil rich parts of the fish and then filtered to remove any contaminants. By the time the omega 3 oil is placed into capsules, if there are contaminants left behind the particles are microscopic and of no concern. Omega-three supplements are safe for any man or woman and even teenagers can safely benefit from these supplements.